A Practice to Create the Life Your Heart Desires

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When you face uncertainty...where do you turn?

When you’re at a crossroads in your teaching journey or professional life, you might wait for a sign or seek someone’s advice, but there’s a way to find the answers you need by turning inward. When you form a Sankalpa and learn how to activate it, you move past the idea of “chance” or “fate” and instead begin to create the life you want and are meant for.

If you are ready for the next step...

In this guide you will...

  • Understand the benefits of Sankalpa
  • Learn how you can use Sankalpa to create a life of purpose
  • Discover how to look inward to uncover your authentic needs & desires
  • Establish a formula for crafting a powerful Sankalpa 
  • Become purposeful in how you incorporate your Sankalpa into modern, daily life 
  • See examples of how to get the Sankalpa to become a ritual 

This work is simple but powerful. In one short week you will begin to feel the gears shift in your life.

Yes, I’m ready to take the first step toward my chosen life!

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Meet your guides in "empowering" your inner wisdom...

In the last 8 years, we've led 200+ teacher trainers through training at {sacred} thread yoga in Atlanta, as they journeyed on the path to teach full-time, open yoga studios, incorporate yoga into their corporate lives and volunteer to serve their communities.  This journey isn't for everyone but there are pieces of it that are so relevant to yoga practitioners that we wanted to make it available to the masses...for free.

In a time that is ripe with chaos and doubt, the process of finding clarity is doubly important. In using this guide, you’ll take the first step toward uncovering what you need, want and are uniquely positioned to offer the world.

We want to share this ancient tool because so many have never heard of it or may be merely scratching the surface of it's power.

Are you ready to listen to the wisdom of your heart? Are you ready to tap into absolute truths and empower the path that lies before you?

Come take this journey with us! You can also practice from home with us at

With gratitude,

Annelise, Malerie and Stefanie